Frequently Asked Questions

 Is A House Call More Expensive? No! The house call is $55 within a given mileage of where we are that day. This is comparable to the “Office Visit” charge of most veterinary hospitals. This fee is only charged once per visit. Pet examinations are a separate cost of $25 per pet. For example, if you have three pets, you will pay a flat house call fee of $50.00 and then $25 for each pet exam so the total would be $125.00.

How can I pay? We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.  We offer a discount for cash transactions.

What if you don’t have the heartworm or flea/tick prevention we prefer?We have an online pharmacy that carries almost all the medications we need! When you order there is no prescription fee! This pharmacy is trusted by Bay Rivers Veterinary Services to provide the correct and best medicine for your pet. You can access them at

How Do I Make An Appointment?Call 804-938-VETS (8387) or e-mail to make an appointment. Appointments are scheduled from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Weekend, early morning and late evening appointments may also be available upon request. House call appointments should be made in advance when at all possible, as we try to schedule our days by geographic location. We make appointment times in one hour windows due to traffic and emergencies. Please have your pet inside at the appointment time. We ask that all cats be confined in a room or carrier at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Cats seem to have a sixth sense about things and will often make themselves absent just when you need them!

What If I Have A Pet Medical Emergency?Not all emergency situations are life threatening, as they are scary. We are equipped to handle many of these situations. Please call 804-938-VETS (8387) in the event of an emergency. If you feel that the situation cannot wait, please see our PET EMERGENCY page.


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